November already! Really!

Uh, I thought summer just ended. Seriously. Where does the time go? They say it really flies when you have kids, and I definitely agree with that, but it really disappears when you work full time and have kids.


Recently I was asked to participate in the Yarn Group of TNNA’s planning meeting. They haven’t had a planning meeting for TEN years, so to be asked was quite an honor. It was a day and a half of meeting with the most passionate people in the yarn industry, and I have to say I have never been in any meeting where everyone was 100% respectful, dedicated to the cause, and excited about the future. So what did we talk about? Basically YARN. And everything about it! Working alone is so isolating, it was so great to connect with other like-minded people and just talk shop, and see how we can grow our industry more.

I joined the Yarn Group’s marketing committee, and we discussed various ways to help LYS owners stay informed and get foot traffic into their shops. One of the things we have all been hearing is that the LYS owner doesn’t have the time to keep up with a million different social media platforms, or the time to learn how to market effectively through them. So we created accounts on social media platforms all across the Internet. Please follow, share, reblog, regram, retweet, repin, etc!






And a neat way to see everything at once:

The meeting was in Vegas, by the way. I have never been. I definitely spent way too much money on food, but it was SO worth it! I don’t gamble, so it evened out. It was nice to walk around and see the sights after planning all day.

After I got back, I started planning out stuff for Fable Fibers, and I decided to start doing club subscriptions. So, I will be sending out an email to those of you on my mailing list about it. I hope you sign up for it, so you can see what the fuss is all about! Link:


TNNA recap

Hey y’all,


I had a great time at the National NeedleArts Association’s trade show in Columbus this past weekend. Lots of good things are in the works, and I made a lot of great connections. Also, I got to meet a lot of people that I have been friendly with on Twitter & Instagram, and that may have been the best part.


Anyway, I decided to go in with no expectations, so I only got a tabletop exhibit to just try the whole thing out. Maybe it was a bad idea, maybe it was a good one, I don’t know. But, I’m happy with having gone, because I will have work until the fall because of this show. And expect a few patterns out of this, too!


A yarn of mine that was extremely popular was NOVEL, the 150g/600y Merino Cashemere Nylon blend (80/10/10). Shops were loving the yardage and content. It was so popular, though, that it will be unavailable in my online shop until the shops that ordered it receive it. So expect an October return.

Next time I do this, it might be the San Diego show in February. It was that much fun. I have to bring help next time, however – I missed out on ALL the Jeni’s!


Introducing Rose Britannia, a new permanent colorway!

ImageShown on Folktale.


Shown on Biography.

Fable Fibers is incredibly proud to introduce our newest permanent colorway, Rose Britannia. It is available for purchase on the Etsy site,, on either the Biography DK base (100% superwash Merino), or the Folktale base (light fingering, 100% superwash Merino, GREAT for socks).

Look what @knitwithlove on Instagram is making with Rose Britannia on the Folktale base:Image