TNNA recap

Hey y’all,


I had a great time at the National NeedleArts Association’s trade show in Columbus this past weekend. Lots of good things are in the works, and I made a lot of great connections. Also, I got to meet a lot of people that I have been friendly with on Twitter & Instagram, and that may have been the best part.


Anyway, I decided to go in with no expectations, so I only got a tabletop exhibit to just try the whole thing out. Maybe it was a bad idea, maybe it was a good one, I don’t know. But, I’m happy with having gone, because I will have work until the fall because of this show. And expect a few patterns out of this, too!


A yarn of mine that was extremely popular was NOVEL, the 150g/600y Merino Cashemere Nylon blend (80/10/10). Shops were loving the yardage and content. It was so popular, though, that it will be unavailable in my online shop until the shops that ordered it receive it. So expect an October return.

Next time I do this, it might be the San Diego show in February. It was that much fun. I have to bring help next time, however – I missed out on ALL the Jeni’s!



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