Dye diaries!

Working on a themed yarn for a marketing project in jewel tone colors…

Also knitting the Find a Penny in my “Lucky Penny” colorway. That is going a little slow. I didn’t really like how you have to yo in the same spot each and every row in the beginning, so I ripped it out and redid the whole thing. To get the shaping correct, I am doing the rs rows as written, but I’m doing the yarnovers 3 stitches away from each edge on the ws. It’s making everything look even. I admit I might have a little issue with thinks being symmetrically pretty! The way it was written just made the right side edging look wonky. Now my yarnovers are like pennies.

I’m getting a little psyched for the Olympics. Okay, a lot psyched!! Ever since I was little, I’ve just loved them. I remember my Dad and I watching them in 1984, and I just love Mary Lou Retton (but who didn’t). I believe I was 6 at the time… that tells you how old I am! Then in ’88, I fell in love with swimming and joined a swim team in my town pretty much immediately after. I went on to be quite the backstroker for about 7 years, swimming competitively USS, YMCA, and even JCC! But now I’m old and really can’t Dedicate myself like that anymore. So… maybe I will set a Hexipuff goal for the Ravellenic games and try to have some fun.


Lucky Penny

I decided to rename Peach Bourbon into Lucky Penny! And, I listed only one skein on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/listing/104729487/231y-100g-dk-weight-superwash-merino), the other one will be turned into a Find A Penny shawl, designed by Lindsay Tabsh. I thought it was fitting!

I mean, look at it:

It’s like that penny you found, Lincoln side up, on that first date with your extremely significant other. Or, the one you found before you interviewed for that dream job (that you got!).

I will post progress pics when I get it started. I am SO CLOSE to finishing a sweater I started last April, so I am trying to finish that first.

Dye diaries

Today I wanted to emulate something warm and delicious, and also wanted to test out a new brand of dye that I got last week. I haven’t had the time to dye anything lately, as my not quite 14 month old has decided to stop sleeping through the night, and I’m super exhausted! She does make up for my lack of sleep by being very adorable.

So anyway, I chose to try and make like a warm peachy brown yarn, and this is what I came up with–

I love it. I call it Peach Bourbon. It’s shown on my dk base.

And just for fun, here is the sleepless lady Coco:

Dye diaries

Today I wanted to make something for myself, and as I was thinking about what I wanted to make, I started thinking about color schemes I love that aren’t exactly found in nature. I mean, if you copy nature, you’ll definitely get pretty yarn. But since I wanted to do something unusual for myself, I thought about how I could take a step outside of my comfort zone. Without sounding too depressing, I thought about how nature eventually overtakes all that is man made, and this is what I came up with!

It reminds me of rusting metal.


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Dye diaries

Yesterday I spent some time with the dyepot and learned how to make a 2-tone glazed yarn. It takes a bit of creative thinking and a wish and a prayer, ha.

I’m loving how the glazed yarn looks, though I feel my yarn isn’t unique (cough, Madelinetosh, cough). I do really love her yarn, but who wants to be a copycat? I am going to experiment within the next week and see how maybe I can combine glazing with something else to get something special. I think I can definitely do it.

In other news, I have begun talking to friends who are designers, and I am beginning to plan for yarn support to up and coming indie designers. If you are an indie designer and are thinking about yarn support, please email me at fablefibers at gmail dotcom. I can’t promise you enough yarn for a sweater coat at this point, but something for an accessory is totally doable. Also, I have to like your previous designs. 😉