Angelfire Studios

I am so proud to announce that in addition to my Etsy shop my yarn is for purchase at Angelfire Studios in Basking Ridge, NJ! Thank you so much Angelfire!

Here is my little set up – it’s right on the front table when you walk in, right next to the Kirsten Kapur display (Through The Loops designs). I have a small selection there right now, but if there is anything anyone needs a larger quantity of, I can dye up any amount.

Stop in if you’re in the area, Angelfire is a seriously awesome yarn store. Bev Mazzarella recently bought the store and has made a few changes, one of which is a Friday night knitting group. I went last night with a friend and it was amazing – there are a bunch of seriously talented knitters & crocheters in Basking Ridge! One woman was making a hairpin lace shawl called Kilmt, and it looked like The Kiss. It was glorious.

You can read Angelfire’s blog here:


Base delivery day!

There is nothing more exciting to me than a big box of creamy white undyed yarn on my doorstep. All the possibilities… it’s limitless. Dyeing up a huge batch of yarn for my Etsy shop, and also for my LYS. Bev from Angelfire Studios very kindly agreed to let me sell my yarn there! I’m very excited about that. I am putting my current stock in her shop, and my new stuff in my Etsy shop.

I set up my Etsy shop tonight!

I didn’t list everything, as my little guy was refusing to go to bed, but it’s a start!

Happy, happy!

Dye Diaries

Been busy working on a few things, just to get a feel for the Jacquard dyes I am using. I decided to try and only get CMY and solid primaries to work with, and it’s been working out pretty well. Color mixing is probably the most fun of all of this, and pretty much my reason for beginning to dabble into fiber arts all those years ago.